what if brush strokes were lyrics? what if paintings were songs? i’m not quite sure what is going on inside of me, but there is this fluid movement about to begin. i believe with the completion of this work, each cycle becoming  a mental milestone. forgive me if i have to laugh at that for a moment, how can it be possible to make a living this way, through expression. it’s easy to feel unreal. i keep myself so far from what’s happening outside, here in this compound. is it safe, or just disconnect? either way, it’s intense, this new way of feeling. i’ve been going through a rebirth. growing wings and focusing on the stars. and ironically living a more consciously parallel life to that which i had as a kid, deeply in my imagination.

every single one of us has obstacles of some kind. i want to convey the message that we are capable of handling anything life gives us, and we have the power to steer our own boats. we shouldn’t sit idle, enveloped in what could potentially destroy inner strength. strength is golden! recognize it, step over it, gain inches and perfect your stride.

IPSUM FACTUM: we create our own truth