it’s been some time since my last entry. i have been busy night and day working on some new paintings for jonathan levine gallery this august the 4th in New York NY. upon my quest for getting things neat and tight and rendered, i had time to think and stir around in my brain…

my computer decided to shut down permanently a few weeks ago, which left my painting sessions listening to nature and blvd traffic. right in the middle of this catastrophe, my cousin died and threw me spiraling into an emotional state. my instincts brought me to celebrate life and thoughts of “time” and how we utilize it. i wish to dedicate these 3 new pieces to him, wherever he may be. one of my greatest sources for inspiration, his courage and positive outlook on life. truly a great soul. and in true essence of how he lived, these pieces inspired in me to search and siege something which sparked only a few months ago.

i sit here today, with all my work complete, feeling relief, yet with somber undertones because i don’t experience much more than this studio and these paintings. and when the paintings leave i battle an emptiness for having to start over….
being an artist is not easy, it is a life stealer.

i have decided to leave the country for a few weeks. let my tired eyes gaze upon beauty culture and history. let my tense hands relax and enjoy nothing more than raising a cold pint of cider to my lips. let my brain decompress and think of nothing but what this gift of sight can enjoy.

i hope to return new and fresh and ready to begin what lies ahead for me.
i am a seeker.