Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new micro-site, where I plan on sharing some thoughts and inspirations from my new body of work “Ipsum Factum” all the way up until the last stroke of the very last piece.
The show is scheduled for viewing, opening March 27, 2010 @ CoreyHelford Gallery in Culver City. I have been working diligently over the course of the year, and pouring every fiber of my being into this new work. For those of you who have followed my progress along the years, you know that I use undertones of messaging, I’m speaking to you. But I’ve never really had the chance to share in depth what it is that I am trying to say.
Words elude me as a side effect of my upbringing. But I feel I have reached a comfort level which has me ready for the outpour!

So I welcome you to come back often, as I will be updating on a regular basis - learning to share verbally.

Happy New Year!!